The company was originally founded in the 1920's as William Wagner and Sons. The company performed work on elevated stacks, tanks and industrial maintenance painting. The company was eventually passed down to William Wagner Jr. Mr. Wagner shifted his focus from performing work on the elevated stacks toward the service and painting of elevated water towers. Cyril Holdsworth and his sons purchased and incorporated the business in 1977 to provide corrosion control by offering sandblasting and painting services to industries and municipalities in upstate New York. Most of the work was performed on elevated and ground storage tanks and structural steel, while focusing on the installation of immersion service linings.

The services presently offered are oriented from a strong background and familiarity with the causes of corrosion and their cure. The company's expertise lies in the installation of primary tank linings for immersion service, secondary containment systems and urethane foam and coating installations. We continue to offer maintenance coating applications for a variety of industrial environments.

All work is performed by applicators who are trained and experienced in proper surface preparation and coating application. Close attention is given to surface cleanliness, soundness and profile. All coatings are applied in strict accordance with the coating manufacturers recommended application procedures.

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